Dialsoft Host will guarantee a 2 hour response time.

If you need support for any reason you can contact us via phone, email or support
ticket. We prefer support tickets as you can set a "priority" level so if you are in need
of urgent support, we can get on the issue quickly as possible.

While we say 2 hour response, most responses are within minutes.
You can reach us by phone or instant messenger as well.

Dialsoft Inc
360 Littleton Rd
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Call our US office: (973) 335-3523
OR Fax: (973) 215-2094

Email Support: support@dialsofthost.com
Email Billing: billing@dialsofthost.com
AIM: AIM Online Status Indicator
MSN: MSN Online Status Indicator

*OR create a support ticket:

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